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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and what better Christmas present can buyers receive than finding their dream home.  And as they brave the elements to attend viewings they will be filled with anxious anticipation, hoping that they get that indescribable feeling that your home is the one.  When it comes to preparing your home for potential buyers this festive season, there are ways you can make sure buyers are not distracted and lost amidst a mountain of tinsel and fairy lights but can see your home for the fantastic property it is.

Let it snow (slide)

Every day there seems to be a news report about potential bad weather on the way, whether it is storms or snow – who knows what the next few weeks have in store? Should there be snow – the real, sticky kind that makes us all turn into kids again, to race to make snowmen or have snowball fights or go sledging – then you need to consider your buyers.  Having any potential buyer arrive at your house only to go and slip and slide their way to your front door isn’t going to put your home on the nice list.  Be conscious of your buyers and the weather, make sure you create a clear path to your home that is well lit, especially with the darker days and very early nights.  Giving your buyers an incident-free arrival will certainly help to get you off any naughty lists.


On a similar note, more for your own benefit, it might be worth making sure you have a good door mat and plenty of space for peoples shoes as they come in. The last thing you want is snowy shoe prints through your house! Not quite has magical and those of Father Christmas and his reindeer!

Rocking around the Christmas tree (is there room?)

At KMJ Property we are certainly no Scrooge, but we would advise that you consider how you decorate your home this Christmas should you still be wanting to welcome potential buyers.  We all have our own personal styles and creative flair when it comes to festive décor: you may be more a minimalist and only have the odd accessory here and there or, like many people we know, go full out and can’t wait to fill your home, inside and out, with everything Santa related.

Christmas decorations, no matter how beautiful, can also be a hinderance: they can obscure some of the many gorgeous features in your home which you know buyers will fall in love with. Whilst you are decorating this year, think about which decorations you place where, for example, does it enhance your feature fireplace or hide it?  Christmas trees are a space-sucking structure we add to our rooms, and of course we are not saying don’t have one, but bear in mind that the more things you add to each room the less spacious it will start to feel.

Baby its cold outside (and inside)

Brrrr hasn’t the temperature dropped this last week or so! And if your home is as chilly on the inside as it is on the outside, buyers will find it hard to feel the warmth of your home.  When you know you have a viewing, time your heating to be on but also add warmth through features too. Switch on the lamps and Christmas lights in each room; how cosy will it feel to walk into a room filled with atmospheric lighting? And if you have a fire, make sure it is on. Imagine how at-home a buyer will feel when walking into house with a fire roaring away. If they get the urge to sit in front of it, or are reluctant to leave the room, then you know that your home is definitely warming the hearts of these potential buyers.

Mistletoe and wine (ooh the aromas)

Christmas is a sensory overload. Wherever you go you are enticed by the sights, sounds, tastes and aromas of the season, so why should your home not give a little sensory experience too. Our memories are powerful and are triggered by our senses – a particular aroma or a certain taste, can transport us back to a particular moment in time. You don’t want to go overboard but a subtle touch here and there can really add a treat to any potential buyer. Wherever possible use natural scents rather than artificial – real Christmas trees give off a beautiful smell; cinnamon and gingerbread in the kitchen will tap into memories of childhood years. A house is not what buyers are looking for, they’re seeking a place they can call home, a place that they too can fill with their own memories.

Driving home (sold) for Christmas

We know there is a lot on your shoulders at this time of year and selling your home is another added pressure, which is why we try to take as much of the stresses off your hands as we can. By considering your buyers should the weather turn bad, when decorating and preparing your home for a viewing, and by tapping into their senses, you could be driving to a sold home this Christmas. 

For more advice on how to appeal to buyers and maximise the sale of your Tunbridge Wells or Crowborough home this festive season, please call our sales team on 01892 515188.

Your needs may well have changed.


The family home you once dreamed of became a reality, you filled it with toys for your children, brightly coloured wallpaper chosen for their bedrooms and the whole house became a well-loved home. But that dream is no longer your reality.


Your children are now grown up, and have moved out, leaving you with those brightly decorated rooms, that have now become unloved, and neglected. The bedrooms that were once hangout spaces for your kids and their friends, stages for the latest dance show that they had prepared, or rooms for experiments you wish they’d done outside, have now become extra upkeep, extra heating costs and unnecessary dumping ground for unwanted items.


A good excuse for a decent clear out!


We all love a good clear out, right? Have you seen Stacey Solomon’s show on BBC 1 “Sort your life out.”? There is nothing more satisfying than seeing all those possessions laid out in front of them so they can decide what to keep, what to sell, what to donate and what to bin.


Everyone benefits! You get to help charities by donating your unwanted things to those who need them more. You earn some extra cash! Best of all, you reduce the amount of “things” making the idea of downsizing, much more achievable.


Your needs might have changed, but has your lifestyle?


It’s worth considering whether a smaller home is going to fit in with the lifestyle you have, or perhaps downsizing will give you that great excuse to become anti-social and cease your entertaining days! Those grown-up children of yours we mentioned earlier, will your new smaller home still have the capacity for you to host Sunday dinners, family BBQ’s and Christmas Day? Do they still come to stay sometimes? Or perhaps you will be blessed with grandchildren in the future, will you be hosting sleepovers for children once again?


Your decision to downsize could become a great excuse to leave the entertaining down to someone else, but if you love hosting those family events, take this into consideration when looking for your next home.


Moving Costs vs Savings.

As we mentioned earlier, one of the advantages to downsizing is the downsizing of your energy bills. You’ll no longer be heating rooms that you don’t use, and that certainly seems attractive!


Moving can cost a lot of stress, there are no two ways about that, and although you might like the idea of family helping out with hiring vans and carting boxes around, it might not be the most sensible or convenient option. A decent removal company will take the stress out of moving, and handle your possessions with care and safety, often without breaking a sweat. That being said, a removal company costs money, and only you will know if that is something you can consider.


A smaller house, in many cases is going to sell for less than a bigger house (taking into account age, condition and location). This could mean that selling your 4 bedroom house, to buy a 1 bedroom house, frees up some cash, allowing you to buy that sophisticated, luxurious chaise lounge that you’ve always quite fancied.



Location Location Location!


 The location you desired when you made your family home purchase, might have been based on being close to schools, close to the town or the station. But is that still something you need? You might be looking to move closer to your own parents, or closer to your children and their families, or even searching for a bit of seclusion.

Whatever your desires are now, it could be time to pick a location for YOU!


So, pick the right agent to help you through the process.


You’ve made the decision to create a nest, a cosy sophisticated space, just for you… all you need now is a good agent to get you there.


Here at KMJ Property, we tailor our service to each individual. We can recommend solicitors, removal companies, decluttering businesses and so much more. Businesses we have not only worked closely with and recommended for a number of years, but also relied on ourselves.


Give us a call on 01892 515188 to get a no obligation valuation on your property and one of our friendly team will register you to get you on track to move into your new dream home.

It has started – have you noticed? – there are signs that people have started to decorate their homes for the festive season. You may not be ready to hang the tinsel just yet, but if you are thinking of selling your home in the new year then you need to act now. But why? It is November and the new year is weeks away, surely you can get all the hustle and bustle of Christmas and the celebration of the end of 2021 out of the way before you start to consider placing your home on the market? You may decide to think again when you have read our reasoning.

You could miss out

This has certainly been a year where the number of properties for sale has been low and buyer demand extremely high. Yet even in this sellers’ market you can still miss out if your home isn’t visible online for the busiest season of the year.  Whilst most of us are trying to put together our kids’ latest toys, or nodding off stuffed full of Christmas dinner and chocolate, millions of us are spending our time looking for a new home. 

Rightmove has reported that there was a 50% increase in the number of people scrolling through their website on Boxing Day last year compared with the year before.  This post-Christmas surge has actually become the norm and as a result, at {name of agency}, we like to get sellers prepared so we can launch marketing their home to hit this influx of buyers.

"As soon as Christmas Day is out of the way there’s a boom in people searching for property on Boxing Day, perhaps with time available during the holiday season and the resolve to enjoy their next Christmas in new surroundings. That is likely to push prices higher again and increase the competition from other buyers. Some of those additional buyers will also be new sellers who have held back from launching their property to market until this Boxing Day buyer boom, judging it to be a good time to sell and to move in 2022,” states Rightmove’s Director of Property Data,Tim Bannister.

No time to waste

Whether you’re happy for your home to be marketed now or prefer to wait for the post-Christmas rush, we want to get things moving straight away.  Buyers want to be able to see your home, and as soon as that tree goes up and your decorations start to impede every room, as beautiful and cosy as your home may be, your home will be hidden. Room sizes can feel distorted due to the festive décor – once a large airy space can now feel a little snug, and those beautiful features that are the focal point of your home start to blend into the background.

This is why it is essential that we create all your marketing materials now, before you are rushing to hang those Christmas lights. Buyers will be able to view your home online as it actually as and, what’s more, your marketing will not date.  Having Christmas photos may look lovely at this time of year, but come January when we head back to normality, those images will already be starting to look dated and can put buyers off as a result.

At KMJ Property, we aim to get those photos taken right after you’ve had your pre-Christmas clear out, ready for family visits and new toys, but before you’ve put those festive decorations up. However, we would also request a festive photo over Christmas to post on social media.

What should you do?

Begin the process by gaining a valuation on your property – you don’t just want our opinion but also that of a couple of other agents so you can compare. You want to choose the agent who will provide you with the best experience, service and support for you and your home.  It isn’t just about finding you a buyer, but also ensuring that the sale completes as smoothly as possible.  A good agent will take the weight of the sales process off your shoulders and iron out any hurdles, leaving you to dream about how you will decorate your new home.

At KMJ Property we offer a very bespoke service, we know that a marketing technique that works for one person or property, may not work for another. With our combined experiences, and personal approach we get to know our applicants and vendors so that we can tailor our approach to them.

Be clear

This is a busy time, we are all juggling many hats, and even those who can boast to have done all their Christmas shopping will still have lists of things they want to get done as long as your arm. Be clear: think about when you want the marketing of your home to begin and also when you will start to accept viewings.

If you wish marketing to start before Christmas, be prepared for buyers wanting to view your home.  There is nothing more off-putting than trying to view a property that is not available or inflexible to meet your needs. You could do more harm than good by undertaking this approach, but you may wish to stipulate that viewings can be undertaken until a specific date and commence again in the new year.

As we have mentioned it is the period between Christmas and New Year that sends property website servers into a frenzy, so if you want this Christmas just for you and your family, then WAIT.  Request your home be marketed to hit this busy time so you can tap into all those incredibly keen buyers eager to move into their new home in 2022.

On the move

It is funny how the thought of a new year, a new beginning, drives so many people to want that new beginning to be in a new home. If you see your 2022 within different surroundings then get in touch with our team today so we can ensure that you can enjoy Christmas and truly have something to celebrate in the New Year.  Call our team today on 01892 5151 88  and let us help you sell your home, whether that’s in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough, or any of the surrounding areas.

House hunting brings out the dreamer in all of us, from searching the internet to flicking through home magazines, your list of needs and ideas for your next home in Tunbridge Wells or the surrounding areas may be never-ending.  It is very easy to see a dream turn into a fantasy as the realities of what you purchase seem to know no bounds. In today’s market where buyers, like you, are many and available properties are few, having your head in the clouds can mean that your next home is moving further and further away. At KMJ Property we want to ensure that your home buying dreams turn into a reality.

Be prepared to compromise

Countless nights hooked on Rightmove have become the norm, and as you are digesting the latest properties to come on to the market ... you see it. Staring back at you from the screen is the home you have been dreaming about, and you race to contact the agent to book a viewing. But remember, this so-called perfect home will no doubt have caught the eye of other buyers who will also be queuing to view as quickly as possible.

When such a property is in demand we are seeing multiple offers, and often buyers are requested to submit their best and final offer, and as such, the best offer (chosen by the seller) will win the prize.  Now this home, this perfect home, suddenly is not looking so great after all, in fact it is becoming stressful and you may not have the budget to compete.

But often the dream is not the right one after all, we regularly see buyers who have lost their so-called dream home only to begin a search through different eyes and discover a property that is far better suited.  Have your list, but be willing to compromise and don’t be set in stone.  Having an open mind is the key in this property market.  Be clear where your compromises will be: you may be willing to do cosmetic work but want to avoid a renovation, you may need a space to work from home, or be willing to add an extra 10 minutes onto your commute.

We may all have a vision of a dream, but often the reality is so much better.

Don’t wait to get a mortgage in place

Lets face it, hunting for a house is way more exciting than going into your finances. But buying a home is also about the figures too, and delaying the truth about your financial situation could be the cause of your dream home slipping through your fingers.  At least three months before you start your search you should be getting your monies into shape, check your credit score and see where you can make some changes to get you in a strong position.

Although there is nothing to stop you from searching for your new home without having a mortgage in principle,  it could put you on the back foot.  To show estate agents and sellers that not only you are serious about buying a house, but that you are in the right financial position to proceed will only aid you when it comes to making an offer.  Whether you are a first time buyer, or looking to find your next home, never assume you know what you can afford as situations and regulations can change.

Get you figures right from the start and begin your search for your next home with a mortgage in principle in your hand.

Be prepared for what’s next

You may think that finding your new home will be the trickiest part of the process, but it is the sales progression where things can get rocky.  This is the time when all the legal processes start to transfer ownership over to you, but also everyone else that is in your chain.  It is here where we earn our money, resolving problems swiftly so no one gets itchy feet, chasing paperwork and generally being the glue that keeps your chain in place until completion.

This is the most stressful time of home buying, and it is worth being prepared for what is about to happen so that you don’t lose heart and walk away.  Ask all parties, your mortgage lender, your conveyancer and estate agent what paperwork they will need during the process so you can start to get it ready. Make sure you return calls quickly, and always ask if you are unsure about something that is happening.

You may have to take some deep breaths during the sales progression, but by being prepared and keeping your eye on that wonderful new home at the end, you can make sure that your dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Build a relationship

Most buyers keep us estate agents at a distance; they use the internet to find homes and call or email when they see one that they like. Now, the savvy buyers understand how important it is to build a relationship with their local estate agents, because this can prove vital in being one of the first to know about a home coming onto the market that has not been advertised yet.

Come and have a chat with a member of our sales team; let them get to know you and understand what you are looking for. Next time they are valuing a home that could be the right fit, they will automatically have you in mind and will give you a call to get you a viewing as quickly as possible.  Keep us close and your perfect home could be closer than you think. Call our team today on 01892515188 or pop in, we look forward to making your dream a reality.

Ideas for keeping you and your home warm this winter

The weather has turned, from heavy downpours to chilly temperatures, those woolly hats and thermal coats are now becoming the norm. We know that many people in Tunbridge Wells & Crowborough are worried about keeping warm this winter with the rising cost of energy bills and as such, according to the Energy Saving Trust, four out of ten of us will be avoiding switching the heating on. With more of us working from home than ever before, being cold will certainly be a hindrance to productivity. With this in mind, our team at KMJ Property have come up with some ideas to help you and your home stay warm this winter.

Change your habits

The last thing we would suggest is being very uncomfortable and cold so if you need to put the heating on, can you turn your thermostat down by one degree?  By doing so, it is estimated you can save up to around 10 per cent of your fuel bill.

Soft furnishings

Making a few new additions to your home’s interior décor can help keep the warmth in, which can only be a bonus. Thermal curtains can provide your room with extra insulation via ‘triple weave technology’; they also have blackout and noise-reducing capabilities, so not only can they help to keep the heat in, but they also can keep your room cosy.

Rugs are also another way to add additional insulation, around 10 per cent of heat can be lost through uninsulated floors. Whether your floors are insulated or not, the addition of a stylish rug will be a great way to keep your home snug this winter.  Draught excluders are probably not something you had thought of as the ideal accessory for your home, but those retro beauties can really make a difference in keeping the cold air out. There is a wonderful array of styles available on the market these days, you are bound to find one to match your colour scheme.

Additional warmth

There doesn’t seem anything sexy about having an electric blanket, but we bet that when you venture upstairs and feel the chill in the air, you will be delighted to snuggle under the covers to glorious warmth rather than experience the sudden shock of icy sheets.  An extra blanket or throw is an ideal accessory to any room, something to cosy into whilst watching a movie, or an extra layer on your bed.

Another way to add extra warmth is through a good old hot water bottle – quick and easy, there is no more perfect way to eliminate any chills when you arrive home. You can choose from those full of beans which you can heat up in the microwave or a traditional boiled water filled one.

Extra warmth

Of course, it is always beneficial to put on an extra layer but make sure it is a thermal one; you don’t need to be heading down the ski slopes or hiking over the moors to wear such clothes. Good winter woollies are worth their weight when it comes to colder days and nights, a good pair of warm socks can keep your feet warm which will also help your overall body warmth. Underlayers such as thermal leggings, merino wool tops or even an extra vest will all help to keep you feeling comfortable when things get chilly.

Your feet are one part of your body you should really ensure are kept toastie, because if your feet are cold you will start to feel cold all over. If your slippers are not doing the trick, look into an electric foot warmer, and you will soon start to feel those shivers disappear.

Film, Foil and Bleed

If your windows can be a little bit draughty, you may not have the funds to replace them at this time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something about it.  There is an easy solution available on the market and that is with secondary glazing film which can help insulate the glass.  The sticky film is easy to apply and will add an extra layer for protection from the elements.

When you switch your heating on you want to ensure you get every ounce of warmth for your hard- earned pennies, and another easy solution is to use radiator insulation foil.  This padded self-adhesive foil just sits behind your radiators and makes sure the heat is radiated into the room, making cosier spaces ideal for the winter months ahead.

When is the last time you bled your radiators?  When you have your heating on you want them to be working at their best and any trapped air will stop the warm water circulating around your radiators properly and as a result it will take your rooms longer to warm up.

(Sorry our company cat Pickle didn't want to play ball and lay on the radiator so we had to use a different picture)!

Keep the chill out

We hope some of these ideas will help keep you and your home warm this winter. If you are Currently selling your home in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough or the surrounding villages and it feels like you’re out in the cold, we can warm up your sale. Give our team a call today on 01892 515188

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