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Thinking of Downsizing? Here are some things to consider:

Your needs may well have changed.


The family home you once dreamed of became a reality, you filled it with toys for your children, brightly coloured wallpaper chosen for their bedrooms and the whole house became a well-loved home. But that dream is no longer your reality.


Your children are now grown up, and have moved out, leaving you with those brightly decorated rooms, that have now become unloved, and neglected. The bedrooms that were once hangout spaces for your kids and their friends, stages for the latest dance show that they had prepared, or rooms for experiments you wish they’d done outside, have now become extra upkeep, extra heating costs and unnecessary dumping ground for unwanted items.


A good excuse for a decent clear out!


We all love a good clear out, right? Have you seen Stacey Solomon’s show on BBC 1 “Sort your life out.”? There is nothing more satisfying than seeing all those possessions laid out in front of them so they can decide what to keep, what to sell, what to donate and what to bin.


Everyone benefits! You get to help charities by donating your unwanted things to those who need them more. You earn some extra cash! Best of all, you reduce the amount of “things” making the idea of downsizing, much more achievable.


Your needs might have changed, but has your lifestyle?


It’s worth considering whether a smaller home is going to fit in with the lifestyle you have, or perhaps downsizing will give you that great excuse to become anti-social and cease your entertaining days! Those grown-up children of yours we mentioned earlier, will your new smaller home still have the capacity for you to host Sunday dinners, family BBQ’s and Christmas Day? Do they still come to stay sometimes? Or perhaps you will be blessed with grandchildren in the future, will you be hosting sleepovers for children once again?


Your decision to downsize could become a great excuse to leave the entertaining down to someone else, but if you love hosting those family events, take this into consideration when looking for your next home.


Moving Costs vs Savings.

As we mentioned earlier, one of the advantages to downsizing is the downsizing of your energy bills. You’ll no longer be heating rooms that you don’t use, and that certainly seems attractive!


Moving can cost a lot of stress, there are no two ways about that, and although you might like the idea of family helping out with hiring vans and carting boxes around, it might not be the most sensible or convenient option. A decent removal company will take the stress out of moving, and handle your possessions with care and safety, often without breaking a sweat. That being said, a removal company costs money, and only you will know if that is something you can consider.


A smaller house, in many cases is going to sell for less than a bigger house (taking into account age, condition and location). This could mean that selling your 4 bedroom house, to buy a 1 bedroom house, frees up some cash, allowing you to buy that sophisticated, luxurious chaise lounge that you’ve always quite fancied.



Location Location Location!


 The location you desired when you made your family home purchase, might have been based on being close to schools, close to the town or the station. But is that still something you need? You might be looking to move closer to your own parents, or closer to your children and their families, or even searching for a bit of seclusion.

Whatever your desires are now, it could be time to pick a location for YOU!


So, pick the right agent to help you through the process.


You’ve made the decision to create a nest, a cosy sophisticated space, just for you… all you need now is a good agent to get you there.


Here at KMJ Property, we tailor our service to each individual. We can recommend solicitors, removal companies, decluttering businesses and so much more. Businesses we have not only worked closely with and recommended for a number of years, but also relied on ourselves.


Give us a call on 01892 515188 to get a no obligation valuation on your property and one of our friendly team will register you to get you on track to move into your new dream home.

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