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A Summary of 2021

Summary of 2021


This time last year we were all looking around our homes, feeling glum, approaching a Christmas like never before. For many of us, we were about to spend Christmas without our parents, children, grandparents and loved ones.

David and Suzanne were at home with their sons Marc and Jack, I spent the day at home with my partner and our fur babies and we muddled through with video calls to our parents, a thrown together Christmas dinner, and did our best to be merry.

On New Years Eve, while we sat in our pyjamas, watching TV doubting we’d stay awake to see the New Year in, we hoped 2021 would be a better year… 

And it was!

On a personal level, I’m really proud to have been asked by my employer at the time to set up and run a Vaccination Hub in Chatham, an incredibly challenging task that had it’s ups and downs, but something that provided immense personal development for me.

In April we dined in our garden, wrapped up in coats and scarves (which ended abruptly due to snow… in April!?) This was the night before David and Suzanne headed off for their first of many adventures in a motorhome, stopping first in Cambridgeshire and heading up the East Coast and parking up in Scotland as restrictions were lifted! Stopping in the New Forest before heading home!

David and Suzanne have owned their own businesses for over 25 years and whilst it has it’s advantages, one downside can be a lack of paid holiday! So this adventure was something they really needed in order to recharge their batteries for the whirlwind that had hit the property market!

Marc was working for the Railway at this time, but between David and Suzanne remotely working from wherever they were in the country at the time, and Marc juggling shift work and covering the Estate Agency, they managed to navigate the busiest time the business had seen in a very long time!

During this time Marc developed a huge appetite for the business, having survived several weeks while David and Suzanne were away, he made the decision in 2021 to leave his job and join the family business full time.

He has then gone on to be very successful and has personally gained instructions on properties over £1 million!

Jack (the J in KMJ) left school with 3 A-levels (A A C) and began working full time for a huge well known company, and hoping to get involved in a management programme and developing his skills and personal growth!

In June, I made the decision to join the business part time, while continuing to work my other job part time alongside. I later developed the appetite Marc did and joined my family’s business full time in August.

Together, Marc and I covered the office for a few more weeks while David and Suzanne embarked on their next adventure travelling through Europe in the Motorhome. Between us we were ringing the bell for properties going under offer multiple times a week!

On their return from travels, David and Suzanne came across an opportunity to open an additional office in Crowborough, and despite the uncertainty of the past year, the business had been busy enough for them to take the plunge and grasp this opportunity with both hands! It had to be fate, right?

All KMJ team members completed their exam and received a certificate of excellence from the Federation of Independent Agents!

At the end of August I did my first solo viewing, resulting in an offer which was accepted, the deal later completed in December!

Later in August my partner Sam and I found out we were expecting a baby! We went to the Isle of Wight in September to celebrate being together for 4 years, and came back engaged!

September and October became very busy with wedding plans, navigating the joys of the first trimester and learning and developing in my new position as a Local Property Partner!

In November I was lucky enough to marry my best friend, and the love of my life, with our little baby wriggling around in my tummy! It was the perfect day, surrounded by the most important people in our lives, I gained my wonderful Mother and Father in-law and an excited Sister in-law, soon to be aunty! I became Katrina Towner!

Later in November I conducted my first solo Valuation, resulting in an instruction!

Marc completed his CBT giving him a licence to ride a motorbike!? Following in his dad’s footsteps in more ways than one! He was also awarded his Grand Prior award for his hard work within St John Ambulance cadets since he joined at the age of 9!

So, for everyone here at KMJ Property, 2021 hasn’t been bad at all! In fact, we have completed on almost 100 properties this year! That’s almost 100 happy vendors, almost 100 excited buyers, and almost 100 homes hosting Christmas for new families this year!

But what will 2022 bring us? David and Suzanne will officially become grandparents, Marc and Jack will become fun Uncles, Sam and I will become a mummy and daddy to their son in April/May…

Will we open another office? (Does your local area need a reliable, approachable and a genuine Estate Agent). Will we beat 100 completions? Will we become TikTok famous? Will Marc pass his full bike test? Will we be employing more people into our team?

We know one thing for sure, we will all continue to do what we love most in our jobs… we will help people to not only move home, but superbly move on with their lives. We will continue to tap dance to work. And we will continue to do what we do best, excelling in great customer service and going the extra mile for our clients!

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