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4 Signs you’re breaking up with your home in Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough.

No one likes a break-up, but circumstances change, and life can throw up some unexpected situations that make us rethink our future.  The passion you once felt for the home that has brought you such joy over the years has started to dwindle and now, you’re seeing niggles and frustrations around every corner.  So, what are the signs you’re breaking up with your home?

  1. Bored now

Some people thrive off change, they like to always be experiencing new things, which includes moving home.  Having taken the time to transform the property into the initial vision you had, you are now a little restless, some may refer to it as having itchy feet.  Yes, this house is stunning and fulfils your needs as you had wished it would, but while many would see this as a time to relax and enjoy the fruit of your labours, you’re ready to move on.  You need a new challenge, a new property to inspire your creativity, and you say to your home – it’s not you, it’s me!

  1. Don’t fix, move

As we go through life our needs change. Whether you start a family or find yourself with an empty nest, what meets your needs today may not meet your needs tomorrow.  These needs could be driven by a belief that there’s a better property out there. It’s common to believe that the grass is greener on the other side! Instead of fixing the issues with your current home, the idea that the grass might actually be greener is way more attractive.

When you start to believe that a house isn’t working for you, it’s easy to ignore the positives that your home brings to your life and focus your energy on those niggles that have started to irritate you about where you live.  It could be the size of a room, or you might be starting to see some wear and tear that needs dealing with; the location could be a bug bear, or the area may have changed from when you purchased. Your children no longer need those much-desired schools that drove your decision to move there in the first place, and you might not enjoy being so close to that play area the kids loved so much, now that they’ve flown the nest!

Before you rush into a major decision, at KMJ Property we just want to remind you of the costs involved in moving home.  We want you to make the right decision for you, one you won’t regret further down the line. So, before you and your home separate for good, try and rekindle your romance and remember why you fell in love with it in the first place. Give it a little TLC, some new curtains, a cosy new carpet, or some candles, but remember, if your feelings are still strong, it’s time to say goodbye.

  1. Fulfilled a need

Not everyone who moves is seeking a forever home, some see it as a stepping-stone to where they want to ultimately get to.  You may have moved to an area and now need to relocate for work or family. Whatever the reason, your current property has fulfilled a need and now it’s time to move on.

Often in this case there can be a lack of emotional attachment to the property, making it easier to stage for viewings, but harder to get yourself motivated to do so.  It might help to get a friend to come over and point out some of your property’s beauty spots, things you might have glossed over. We want you to achieve the best price for your property and to do this you need to put the work in to get your home in the best shape.  Now it’s fulfilled your need, get it ready to help you onto the next step of the ladder.


  1. No longer fits

Size is a big issue for many people when they start thinking about moving home.  It could be that you feel the walls closing in around you as your family grows and your belongings no longer seem to fit.  Or the opposite could be true; you may feel like you’re rattling inside an empty cage with rooms you no longer use.  When your home no longer fits your life there tends to be only one solution, and that’s to move.

But before you rush into searching for your next home, start to really think about the space you do need from your next property.  People can often make rushed decisions when they feel unhappy and cramped, and their desire for a certain type or size space can override that for a home that’s futureproof.  Emotions are powerful tools that can sometimes affect our rational thinking, which is why we’d encourage you to come and chat to our sales team.  We can show you a range of properties in Tunbridge Wells, Crowborough or other surrounding areas that we believe will give you what you need today, but will also work for those many years to come. 

Breakups are hard to do

Yes, breaking up is never easy, even when it’s exactly what you want.  Moving home can be one of the most stressful things you do in life, which is why we want to make sure you’re moving for the right reasons.  And when you’re ready we know there are plenty more fish in the sea for you to make your own.

For more advice on moving home, chat to a member of our sales team on 01892 515188.

How to manage the stress of moving home in Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough.

It’s said to be one of the most stressful things you can do, and with the last couple of years you may find that your stress levels are already heightened.  The last thing we want is this exciting chapter of your life to impact on your mental health, which is why our team at KMJ Property have put together some practical tips to help things feel a lot calmer. Whether you’re moving home for the first time or are a serial mover, here’s our guide for how to manage the stress of moving home in Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough.

It’s going to be emotional

Stock up on those tissues, strap in, you’re about to experience the roller-coaster ride of life! It’s important to accept from the start that moving home is an emotional bubble that can suddenly burst when you least expect it.  You’re leaving behind a property that holds personal memories; even if you’ve fallen out of love with your house, you may still find that packing up a particular space could spark a memory that puts a lump in your throat.  This is normal, so give yourself a break, allow yourself the time to reminisce.

Not only may you have feelings of loss and grief, you could also be filled with fear and anxiety about the massive change that you are about to encounter.  Even if you’re only moving locally, a home is a place where you feel safe and secure, and you’re leaving that to step into the unknown.  But remember, once you fill this new abode with all those things you hold close, it won’t be long until your new house becomes that place that isn’t just called home but feels it.

Don’t leave it until the last minute

Yes, we’re talking about packing! Let’s be honest, there aren’t many people who look forward to this job.  You may start with excitement – the date of your move beckons and so you start to pack with wild abundance, eager to see your favourite lamp displayed in that corner you picked out on viewing your new home.  That initial enthusiasm is bound to fade as you begin to realise just how much stuff you actually have in every corner of your home – oh and don’t forget the garage and shed!!!

1…2…3…And breathe……

This is why the earlier you start packing, the better. If you’ve been an avid reader of our blog you’ll know that our expert opinion is to start before you even put your house on the market.  Yes, that’s right.  When you declutter your home to place it on the market, this is the optimum time to pack those things away that you won’t need before you move.  This could be books, old photos and even clothes. You might even find, that if you have been able to pack these items so early, that they are in fact, items you can do without, giving you the opportunity to sell or donate them before you move. Then, little by little, do a bit more as the weeks progress – the more you do beforehand, the less you will have to do as your moving date approaches.  By not leaving packing to the last minute, you will reduce your stress levels exponentially.

Plan for your arrival

Whilst packing you need to get labelling. Whether you’re using a removal company or doing it yourself, make sure you have things organised so that when you arrive you’re not diving into every box going crazy because you can’t find that one item you desperately need.  Always make sure you have a box containing a kettle, some mugs and tea bags, I can guarantee the first thing you’ll want is a nice comforting cup of tea, and hey, I’m sure your removal team would be grateful for the refreshment too!

It’s good to label your boxes in priority order and by location. Sometimes there can be delays which could mean you moving into your new home much later than planned.  Exhausted, the last thing you want to do is unpack everything, but if you can find those boxes labelled as top priority, you’ll have everything you need for that first night. This way, instead of the stress of the day getting the best of you, you’ll be able to grab your essentials and relax, knowing that you can do the rest tomorrow. Perhaps you could prepare an overnight bag, with your pyjamas, toiletries and some of comforts for your first night, you want to make sure you have a good night’s sleep, tomorrow is going to be a big day!

Get to know the area

Even if you’re moving locally in Tunbridge Wells or Crowborough, there will be differences that you may or may not be aware of.  Leading up to your move, you could grab a coffee in a nearby coffee shop, pop into the local store to see what they stock and their opening times, and even take a little wander down the street you’re going to live on. Now might be a good time to check your Deliveroo or UberEats apps, to see what cuisines are available to you!

When you move to your new home, the unfamiliar will now be less so. When you forget to buy milk, you’ll know what time you need to pop to the shop before it closes.  You may have met some of your neighbours, established the perfect dog walking route, and your kids will have found the local park.  Learning as much as you can about your new community and neighbourhood can lessen any anxieties you and your family may have about your move.

We’re here to help

We may be estate agents but we also live and work in this community, and we pretty much know everything there is to know.  If you have a question, want advice on a group to join, or where’s best for your kids to play, please give us a call.  The property transaction is just part of the process, what’s most important to us is that your move is successful in every way possible.

For a smoother move, call our friendly team on 01892 515188.

You’ve put your home on the market and made sure it’s tidy and the kitchen and bathroom are spotlessly clean.  It’s easy to believe that your bedroom is just fine, but is it what buyers in Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough are seeking?  Is your bedroom a relaxing haven, or is it killing the mood for buyers? 

Getting intimate

Bedrooms are intimate spaces… Get your minds out of the gutter, we’re not just talking about for you and your other half!!  Many people like to share their bedroom with their pets, whether they have their own bed or share yours.  Not everyone understands that having a pet in the bedroom can be comforting, and for some it can be off-putting, so when it comes to viewings it’s always best to keep your sleeping habits to yourself.  Remove any evidence that your pet shares your room at night. Their bed should be hidden, and care should be taken to ensure that pet hair and any odours are gone so your buyers will be none the wiser as they step into your bedroom. We know that your pet, might be your fur-baby, but four-legged furry friends aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Try to create a blank canvas, so that people can imagine themselves living in your home.

Tired choices

You’ve decided to sell and acknowledge that your bedroom is looking a bit tired and out of date, but there’s no point changing it now if you’re selling, right?  Wrong!  If you want to achieve the highest price possible for your property, you need to show off your home in the best light. 

Tired and outdated décor will only put negative thoughts into the minds of buyers.  You want them walking into a serene space, a room where they feel they can rest their head after a busy day, not one screaming out to have money spent on it to turn it into what it should have been in the first place.  You don’t have to create a designer dream; some fresh neutral coloured paint and clean white bedding with some carefully placed accessories can do the trick effectively, without breaking the bank.

Very personal

We all keep personal items in our bedrooms, and we can often get so used to having them there that we don’t always notice they’re on show.  Beautiful photos of a romantic holiday, for example, makes a bedroom very much your own.  Although that’s important in life, when selling your property, you want your buyers to see themselves in the room, which is hard to do when it has your stamp all over it.

Not dreaming

You may be one of the many people who have medical equipment in your bedroom; it could be something small in case of a flare up, or a permanent structure for a more severe condition.  We know these items are essential, but we would suggest that they be hidden, if possible, just for when a viewing takes place, and this is why:

We are all very easily distracted and a piece of equipment, for example, will raise questions in the minds of a buyer. What is it?  What’s it for?  In that moment, when your buyers should be viewing your home, they are puzzling over what your medical condition might be.  You don’t want distracted buyers, you want them 100% focused on what your property can offer them as a new home.

Counting sheets

God bless our wonderful British weather. So unpredictable, even in August we can have a heatwave one day followed by freezing cold temperatures and torrential rain the next.  It can often make drying our clothes tricky, which is why on some days our clothes maidens are laden down with our latest load of washing.

As much as this a necessity, it’s also an eye sore for a buyer during a viewing, and we know you don’t want your smalls on display.  Therefore, at KMJ Property we always recommend that you clear any laundry away for every viewing, even if it’s just folded in a wash basket it will be less distracting for buyers.  Washing hanging around the house will also raise questions about whether there is enough room for a tumble dryer in the property, which could put off a potential buyer.

Sleep soundly

When it comes to selling your home in Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough we want you to sleep soundly in the knowledge you have done everything you can to attract a high offer.  For more advice on how to prepare your home for a viewing, contact our sales team on 01892 5151 88.

How your home looks from the outside can be just as, if not more, important than how it looks on the inside. We all make first impressions, and when you only have moments to wow potential buyers you never want to miss a trick. Kerb appeal is a term used to describe your home’s appeal as you stand and look at it from the pavement. It’s that picture perfect moment when a potential buyer can look, and imagine themselves coming home to this house, and calling it home. This can have a big influence on their decision to buy or not.  Adding kerb appeal is one of the best ways you can get your home ready for sale and we have some fantastic subtle changes you can make to boost yours.

Spring clean

Years of living in a home can easily lead to a build-up of clutter that you don’t even realise you have, so before you do anything else, now is the perfect time to spring clean. To successfully sell your home you should never ignore any area, especially the first parts a buyer will see when they arrive on a viewing. Tidy away any weeds, dead plants and shrubs, undertake any repairs and clean away everything that doesn’t belong.

Add decorative elements

Old or new, you can give your home character and add a unique touch with a decorative element or two. One of the most popular features over the last year has been outdoor metal wall décor, from signs to symbols – it just adds that little something extra.  It doesn’t matter if your house opens onto the street or you have an enclosed lawn area, any outdoor space can be transformed with a little imagination and creativity.  If you can’t place a planter by your front door, what about a window box? Some pretty, coloured plants in a pot by the door can add some brightness to the front of your house without costing a fortune!

Make a statement

Your front door is the focal point of your home, it’s where the eye is drawn when someone passes by and can say a lot about a property. You want your front door to make a statement, one that exudes that what’s inside has been lovingly cared for. Ditch any tired façade and freshen up with a good clean and a bold paint colour that is in-keeping with your home’s architectural style. Check any covenants in case you need to stick to a required palette, from heritage shades to bright colours, keep it simple.

A quick clean-up of a porch, letterbox or knocker can make give the idea of a well looked after home, appealing to potential buyers.

Room for a seat?

There is something about a bench or a seat at the front of a property that adds to that sense of ‘home’. This may not be possible for a lot of properties within Tunbridge Wells or Crowborough but if yours has the room consider adding a little something, combined with a couple of planters blooming with colour and you’ve created an area that people will want to enjoy. This is even more important if your home overlooks beautiful scenery such as the Ashdown Forest or Southborough Common, somewhere to sit and enjoy those views can really draw attention to them.

Clean your gutters

There is one sure fire way for your home to give a bad first impression and that is through poor house maintenance, such as clogged or dripping gutters.  If you are unable to do this job yourself, there are plenty of people locally who can, just ask our team for a recommendation.  Potential buyers are drawn to homes that are well maintained rather than those that scream pound signs around every turn. Give us a call on 01892 5151 88 to get a recommendation now!

Paint and Power

Our wonderful British weather can make all surfaces look a bit weathered, whether it is a concrete step, a paved drive or a painted windowsill.  Freshen up any painted concrete areas so they are looking pristine but make sure the colour matches the exterior or your home. Power wash paved areas – it’s amazing how quickly they can start looking like new. Don’t forget to clean all your windows too, you want your potential buyer to be able to clearly see out into your garden, and views beyond your front door.

A garden in bloom

No matter what the season, you want any garden area to be looking its best, from your lawn to beds to pots, no area should be ignored.  Give your lawn some love so that it’s looking green and luscious rather than brown and patchy.  Invest in some seasonal plants and shrubs that will add colour even during the colder months; presenting a garden that is easy to care for will appeal to a wider range of buyers. Local garden centres such as Tunbridge Wells Garden Centre can offer knowledgeable advice about what plants will bloom when, and how to look after them in order to get the most out of them.

Add a light

The darker months are on their way, and even this summer we have had dark and grey days, so adding a great looking light at the front of your home goes a long way.  It can complement the look and feel of your home as well as creating a warm welcome, regardless of what time of day a viewing takes place. Some solar powered orb lights can create a cozy feel in the evenings, while regular porch lights can make the home seem warm and inviting.

House number

Can you imagine how frustrating it could be for a buyer to not be able to find your home because they can’t see the house number?  Your existing number could be chipped or faded, so why not upgrade to new digits to really make your home stand out? You could opt for traditional numbers on your door or for a contemporary or slate sign, just make sure it is cohesive with your home’s exterior décor. If the house is hard to find when they view, it could put them off buying all together, make sure the door number is clear to see from afar as well as from your front gate.

Attract more buyers

If you wander around your neighbourhood you will notice those properties that command attention and those that fade into the background. Get your home’s kerb appeal right and you are bound to attract more potential buyers and get your home sold quickly. For more advice on how to get your home ready for sale, contact our team at KMJ Property Tunbridge Wells or our Crowborough branch  on 01892 5151 88.

How to survive home buyers’ remorse in Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough.

We have seen an extremely busy property market over the last 12 months in Tunbridge Wells, hence our recent expansion to Crowborough. Buyers have been out in force and some houses have gone from listed to under offer in a matter of hours. This heightened activity has seen people battling for homes and, in some cases, making rushed decisions just so they can get their hands on somewhere to call home. Yet it’s not every day we buy a property and so, due to a lack of experience in this kind of purchase, there is going to be a level of anxiety about making such a huge life and economic decision.  Buyers’ remorse is all too common, whether we’ve splurged on a new gadget, designer handbag or even a night out (yes, we can have these now!).  Unlike ‘stuff’, a house is something you will be stuck with for a number of years, so if you are looking around the property you now own with regret, we have some tips to help you survive.

What is buyer’s remorse?

Buyers’ remorse is defined by psychologists as a type of cognitive dissonance, a battle of consumption.  When you are thinking of buying something, there will be a war of opposing forces battling inside your head. The avoidance system will tell you to avoid taking risks, whereas the approach system is pushing you to do whatever makes you happy.  When you have made your decision, you will go through a period of mental discomfort caused by these two conflicting sides.

  • I wonder if I really wanted this house?
  • I wonder whether I should have bought this house at all?
  • I wonder if I have made the right choice?
  • I wonder if I rushed into making a decision?

Your discomfort is going to be more severe buying a house than a phone, due to the size of the financial investment.  As humans, we tend to rationalise the purchases we have made, telling ourselves it was the right financial decision, the house is in the ideal location. When we struggle to find a post-purchase rationalisation, we develop remorse. At KMJ Property we understand how soul-destroying these negative feelings can be, but we hope by looking at common issues in a different light, you will start to see you made the right decision after all.

As KMJ is a family run business we have the luxury of recent experiences in many scenarios. David and Suzanne having been home owners since the age of 18, loving their current home so much they have lived there for over 20 years. Katrina, who purchased her first home with her partner at the age of 22 during lockdown. Finally, Marc, who is watching the rise and fall of the market and scouting his chance to leap onto the property ladder. Here at KMJ, we understand these feelings, and are available 7 days a week to help you through this process.

Location, location, LOCATION

As we know location is really important when buying a new home. You may have had a dream street or village but feel you were priced out of the market there, and now you are regretting making this huge compromise.  If you focus on what could have been rather than what you have, you may never truly settle in your new home, which is never a good place to be.  Your preferred location has gone, but what do you really know about where you now live?

It can be helpful to get your thoughts on paper, make lists of what is important to you, and what you don’t want to compromise on. This can prevent you from overseeing elements you were adamant were non negotiable.

Get out exploring and chat to local businesses about what there is in the area that you can do or get involved in. The more connected you start to feel to the neighbourhood and community, the sooner this ‘not so good’ location could turn into something exciting and full of potential. You never truly know somewhere until you live there and start to embrace what is on offer, so get exploring.

The surprise project

Many buyers will purchase a property with the intention of undertaking works to make it their own, but some may quickly discover there is more to upgrade and repair in their new home than they had anticipated.  This shock of a revelation can quickly see you starting to dislike your new home before you have had chance to live in it, and who can blame you? With the costs of maintenance and repairs not being something you had budgeted for, it can all feel completely overwhelming.

Take a moment and remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. Yes, this home of your dreams could turn into a nightmare – but only if you let it win.  Get the superficial jobs done first, a new lick of paint and a good spring clean, then just start to get to know your new home, quirks and all.  You may have a jobs list as long as your arm but take it one at a time and, with each change, this home will start to become your own.  If you are in the ideal location and the property is amazing, then celebrate – your doubts are all based on something that you can change and resolve.

The size isn’t right

Our minds can play tricks on us during viewings and you can leave with a perception of the property that may be an embellishment on reality.  Room sizes can grow and shrink – you can arrive to find that the piece of furniture you wanted to place under the stairs doesn’t fit, or that your dining set looks lost in the grand room.  No two homes are the same, and trying to fit one home inside another isn’t always the best option, even if it is the most economical.

Every home has a style of its own, whether that’s period or contemporary. Rooms can dictate how they want to be furnished and, as life changes, you may need to live in the space a different way.  You may believe your new home is too big or too small, but as we know, it is actually just right – you just need to find that special furnishing solution to provide you with what you need.

Buyers’ remorse is normal

Unlike other remorseful purchases, we are afraid there is no return policy when you buy a home – you simply have to learn to live with your decision and turn your remorse into love. This won’t happen overnight, but by looking at things in a different way, getting to know your home and area more deeply, and finding a way to connect with your new home, you will hopefully come to see that the decision you made is the right one for now.  And if you are still itching down the line, then give us a call on 01892 515188 and we can help you move.

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