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We are very soon going to be offering Spanish property for sale. Buying is Spain can be very difficult, knowing which Agent to trust is the first problem. We are establishing links with a few of what we think are some of the best and most genuine agents in various parts of Spain.

We are told that after a long time the market is beginning to pick up in most parts of Spain, I have asked several agents about Brexit and of course nobody knows the details yet but it seems that a lot of people think it is a good time to buy right now, because people with a home in Spain already will have the least problems when we come out of Europe!

I very much have a soft spot for Spain and would be happy to chat about what I think of the market just email me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Very soon we will list a small selection of properties on our website from different areas of Spain, this is very much to whet your appetite! When you are ready to buy we will introduce you to what we hope will be a genuine agent in Spain that can show you more properties including some that may not be online anywhere.

If you're not interested in buying in Spain, don't worry we have set up a new page on our website to keep the Spanish properties away from our usual listings!

Adiós por agora

Once you have your finances sorted, start looking at properties, register with agents and with the portals such as Rightmove and OnTheMarket, which will send you through updates. Check out the areas of properties you like the look of before viewing. View a few places, but don't delay, if it feels right, then it probably is, if you like it, other people will like it too, don't miss out. Please give lots of thought to your solicitor. You may think going online and getting the cheapest deal is the best idea, but in the grand scheme of buying a property you don't want to scrimp on your legal advice. Get some quotes, read the reviews, have a chat with the person who will do the work, find out if you get a direct phone number and email, a local company can also be very useful, enabling you to pop in and pick up forms and sort out ID etc. If solicitors are being recommended to you, check why. Is it a family member recommending a firm they have always used? - Great, a good experience is a great recommendation. Is it your financial advisor referring because they earn a fee out of it? We recommend local friendly firms and we don't receive referral fees from any solicitors, we recommend based purely on the experience and service received from them over a number of years. This a big subject and an important decision so feel free to call us for a chat 01892 515188

Our first post!

We have always tried to keep up to date with technology, we have been using cloud based software for at least 14 years, we have a KMJ Property twitter account, Facebook page etc. But blogging is new to us, we don't know if it will be read or if we are just playing with Google.

Feedback would be appreciated, our company is owned by myself David and my wife Suzanne we have lived nearly all of our lives in Tunbridge Wells so we know it very well, with three children, one still at school, one doing a business diploma and one who has left education and now in the world of full time employment, we also have a good knowledge on the fantastic range of schools in this area.

We are planning to post a blog as regularly as possible, some will hopefully be useful others may be funny (intentionally or not)! And some might just give you a better insight to us as a business and us as people.

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